Sweetie's Surprise Party

Little Learning Videos for Little Ones
Welcome to Sweetie's Surprise Party!   Our focus is to educate little ones with engaging videos that are short and sweet.  From toddlers to preschool, our videos will help them learn about colors, numbers, letters, and sight words.  

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Pre Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words

Your child can practice independently as Sweetie says the word and guides the child to say the word after.  

Download your free copy of the flash cards to use along with the video.

I am Sweetie!  I happen to be the grandmother of a very smart little girl who calls me Sweetie!  

As an educator, I was intrigued as I watched her casually scroll through videos on my daughter's phone.  The more I watched, the more I thought.  What is she watching?  Is it of any value?  Is she learning anything?  Could I do that?
I want her to watch videos that engage and educate her.  
With my background in education and the ability to dabble around in technology, my YouTube channel was born.  

Welcome to Sweetie's Surprise Party!!!
Who is Sweetie?
Simply Stated - Sweetie is a grandmother on a mission!
Sweetie's Surprise Party

Little Learning Videos for Little Learners